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Special Assessment Conditions

NZQA grants entitlement to Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) so that approved candidates may be fairly assessed and have access to assessment for National Qualifications. Special Assessment Conditions are approved so that entitled candidates can demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding, without providing unfair advantage over other candidates.

Applications are made by schools on the behalf of candidates. Entitlement for SAC is required for both internal and external NCEA assessments.

Information for schools

Information for parents and caregivers

Annual needs analysis
Potential barriers and possible SAC support
Preparing an application
Providing SAC for Digital External Assessment
Reader assistance for deaf or hearing-impaired students
Role of the reader and writer, and computer use
SAC Forms and Guides
User Guide for Online SAC Applications (PDF, 1.8MB)

What are Special Assessment Conditions?
Who can apply for SAC?
Who can you talk to at the school?
What Special Assessment Conditions are available?
How can I support my child?
How is an application made, and what happens then?
What happens if my child changes schools?
What happens in subsequent years for SAC use?

Information for Registered Professionals

Assessment of students for Special Assessment Conditions applications

SACs available
Who may assess students for SAC applications?
What is meant by a ‘registered professional’?
What form should the assessment take?
Who approves or declines applications?
Special Assessment Conditions Declaration form (PDF, 1.5MB)

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