The Principal's Nominee

On an annual basis, the Principal of a School with Consent to Assess must nominate a staff member to be the Principal's Nominee.

The Role

The Principal’s Nominee must carry out the following duties:

  • maintaining and monitoring quality assurance practices within the School to ensure the validity and credibility of assessment for qualifications;
  • reporting internal assessment results for all qualifications after internal moderation has been completed;
  • ensuring the integrity of assessment data submitted to NZQA, including Candidate eligibility, reported results and Candidate entries for external assessment;
  • ensuring that assessment data including Candidate information is forwarded to NZQA to meet published deadlines;
  • considering and making applications to NZQA on behalf of Candidates for special assessment conditions;
  • ensuring the School engages in and complies with the external moderation process and that issues identified by the external moderation process are addressed in a timely manner;
  • developing and managing the School’s Breaches of the Rules for internal assessment, and appeals process;
  • processing financial assistance applications on behalf of eligible Candidates;
  • receiving and reconciling Candidate fees, and forwarding these in full to NZQA to meet published deadlines;
  • managing derived grade applications to NZQA on behalf of Candidates;
  • liaising with and supporting the School’s staff and Examination Centre Manager to ensure that the integrity of external assessment is not compromised;
  • ensuring the availability of suitable accommodation and equipment for the conduct of all external assessments;
  • maintaining the currency of the school’s assessment policy and procedures to reflect NZQA requirements and communicating them to staff, students and families;
  • responding to NZQA communications and requests for information
  • facilitating NZQA visits and reviews.

While other School staff may assist the Principal’s Nominee to ensure all aspects of the role are completed, the Principal’s Nominee remains responsible for ensuring those staff members carry out their duties appropriately, and for all communication with NZQA.


A list of Action items for Principal's Nominees by calendar month is also provided to act as a guide for Principal's Nominees.

Each year, early in term one, NZQA runs seminars for Principal's Nominees. These provide opportunities to share good practice in managing assessment for qualifications and update Principal's Nominees on NZQA policy and processes.

NZQA has produced an Effective Assessment Practice Guide (PDF, 320KB), which provides schools with ideas for effective leadership of assessment for qualifications by Principal's Nominees.

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