Education Organisations details - Real World Education Limited (Palmerston North)

Education Organisations details - Real World Education Limited (Palmerston North)

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This organisation may not be currently delivering all of the programmes/training schemes listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Degree accreditations

Postgraduate Diploma in Analytical Science (level 8)

Programme accreditations and approved Training Schemes

Basic Microscope Care (Micro-credential) (levels 4-4)
Calibration and Traceability (Micro-credential) (levels 6-6)
Environmental Water Monitoring and Sampling (Micro-credential) (levels 4-4)
General Laboratory Safety (Micro-credential) (levels 4-4)
Laboratory Skills Programme (Level 4) (level 4)
Laboratory Technician Comprehensive Programme . (level 6)
Laboratory Technician Professional Programme (level 6)
Mass and Volume Dispensing Proficiency (Micro-credential) (levels 4-4)
New Zealand Laboratory Education Water Sampling Certification (Micro-credential) (levels 4-4)
Practical Metrology Programme (level 5)
Quality Systems (Micro-credential) (levels 8-8)
Quality Systems Introduction (Micro-credential) (levels 6-6)
School Laboratory Manager Programme (level 5)
School Physics Equipment Care (Micro-credential) (levels 4-4)
School Science Laboratory Technician Programme (level 4)
Skills for Key Technical Roles (Micro-credential) (levels 8-8)
Solution Calculations and Preparation (Micro-credential) (levels 4-4)
Solution Calculations and Preparation for Schools (Micro-credential) (levels 4-4)
Using Specialised Literature (Micro-credential) (levels 6-6)

Matauranga Maori Quality Assurance mark.

This programme has been approved and awarded the Matauranga Maori Quality Assurance Mark under Matauranga Maori EQA.

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