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Organisations >> NZQA - ATMC NZ Limited

Trading as: ATMC NZ

Contact Details

Contact Huhana Forsyth
Address 85 Airedale Street
Auckland 1446
Phone 0064 27 836 5068
Education Organisation number 9188
Education Organisation location 1

Delivery Sites

Name Location & Number Street Address Contact Number
ATMC NZ Airedale (9188/1) 85 Airedale Street, Auckland 1446 27 836 5068 View site specific degree & course accreditations
ATMC NZ Auckland (9188/2) 85 Airedale Street., Auckland 1446 9 3095208


This organisation can assist in gaining these qualifications.

Consent to Assess

The organisation has consent to assess against these standards and groups of standards (i.e. Standards, Fields, Subfields & Domains)

Degrees, Programmes and/or Training Schemes

The organisation is approved to deliver these Degrees, Programmes and/or Training Schemes


International students

This Education Organisation is a Signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.
See explanation.

Date first registered with NZQA 20-12-18

Statutory Actions

For more information on statutory actions on any education organisation click here.

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