Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Franklin Institute of Agri-Technology (Auckland)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Standard consents to assess

Nursery Production

20572 Bud and graft young plants (level 4) View details »

29492 Care for a nursery crop under close supervision (level 2) View details »

20571 Care for nursery crops (level 2) View details »

20570 Demonstrate knowledge of nursery growing media and soils (level 2) View details »

27707 Demonstrate knowledge of plant propagation by budding, grafting, layering and tissue culture (level 2) View details »

27708 Demonstrate knowledge of sexual and asexual plant propagation (level 2) View details »

20568 Operate and maintain a specialist item of nursery machinery (level 4) View details »

20567 Produce a nursery crop (level 4) View details »

20557 Select, collect and treat seed, and propagate plants from seed (level 3) View details »

Plant Pest, Weed, and Disease Control

21560 Demonstrate knowledge of agrichemicals (level 3) View details »

27217 Demonstrate knowledge of integrated pest management (IPM) (level 3) View details »

27207 Describe and carry out monitoring of plant pests and diseases (level 3) View details »

21558 Describe calibration, and calibrate motorised agrichemical application equipment (level 4) View details »

27210 Identify and describe weeds, and methods of prevention and control (level 3) View details »

27213 Identify and interpret agrichemical product information, and demonstrate knowledge of safety with agrichemicals (level 2) View details »

27215 Prepare to apply and apply agrichemicals using hand held equipment (level 2) View details »

27216 Prepare to apply, and apply, agrichemicals using motorised equipment (level 2) View details »

27211 Recognise plant pests, diseases, and disorders, and beneficial organisms (level 4) View details »

21561 Use, maintain, and store agrichemical personal protective equipment (PPE) (level 2) View details »

Primary Sector Core Skills

22174 Demonstrate knowledge of soils and fertilisers (level 2) View details »

2803 Maintain a documented work record for a primary industry operation (level 2) View details »

Primary Sector Resources Management

23705 Describe human resource management in a primary industry operation (level 4) View details »

Production Horticulture

794 Control the greenhouse environment (level 3) View details »

22191 Demonstrate knowledge of factors which influence plant growth (level 2) View details »

22188 Demonstrate knowledge of irrigation systems used in horticulture (level 2) View details »

829 Demonstrate knowledge of plant nomenclature (level 2) View details »

22178 Demonstrate knowledge of plant processes and plant life cycles (level 3) View details »

771 Demonstrate knowledge of the production horticulture industry in New Zealand (level 3) View details »

22177 Demonstrate knowledge of the structure and function of plants (level 2) View details »

29829 Demonstrate understanding of plant structure, functions and processes (level 3) View details »

22175 Demonstrate understanding of soil properties and their effect on plant growth (level 3) View details »

29831 Demonstrate understanding of the functions of greenhouse environmental control methods for optimising plant growth (level 3) View details »

23781 Grow and pot up plants from stem cuttings (level 2) View details »

29499 Identify a range of plants by botanical and common name, and their basic features (level 2) View details »

20574 Identify plants (level 2) View details »

2804 Maintain a documented work record of horticultural activities and present an enterprise report (level 4) View details »

22179 Maintain a hydroponic system and plants in the system (level 3) View details »

22180 Manage a greenhouse crop (level 4) View details »

23709 Manage and evaluate a computer based record system in a horticultural operation (level 4) View details »

22190 Operate an irrigation system used in horticulture (level 4) View details »

22192 Plan a fertiliser programme for horticulture use (level 3) View details »

2810 Select an integrated pest and disease management programme in production horticulture (level 5) View details »

23704 Write work instructions for a horticultural process (level 4) View details »