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2018 Assessment Report


Agricultural and Horticultural Science assessment specification

Scholarship Performance Standard (93105) Agricultural and Horticultural Science
Mode of Assessment Written Examination
For Year 2019

Format for the assessment for all achievement standards

The paper will comprise three questions, each worth 8 marks. Candidates are required to answer ALL questions.

Questions will have a focus on:

  • export-orientated primary production systems
  • issues, perspectives, and conflicts that occur in attempting to achieve sustainable production systems
  • contemporary issues that have an impact on the production part of the primary production system.

Special notes

  1. Candidates will be required to have detailed understanding of TWO primary production systems from producer to consumer. A primary production system involves the production of one or more products, e.g. a sheep system might produce wool and meat.
  2. Candidates will be required to have an understanding of the following contemporary issues::
    • agricultural greenhouse gases and climate change
    • land use changes in New Zealand.

Candidates should be familiar with the Agricultural and Horticultural Science Scholarship resource material on the Horticultural and Agricultural Teachers Association (HATA) website.

Also note the Agricultural and Horticultural Science NCEA Level 3 Assessment Specifications.

2019 Examination timetable

Agricultural and Horticultural resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

Performance standards

Exam materials (question books, resource books, reports, schedules, etc)

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