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2018 Assessment Report
Scholarship Performance Standard (93403) History
Mode of Assessment Written Examination
For Year 2019

Format of the assessment

There will be a Resource Booklet that will include primary and secondary sources.

There will also be a Question Booklet containing the essay question and a separate Answer Booklet.

In the answer booklet, there will be two planning pages with the remainder of the booklet containing lined pages for answers.

Candidates will be expected to use a range of sources in the resource booklet as well as their own knowledge. Candidates will be required to evaluate the evidence in the sources and produce a single piece of writing in the form of an essay.

Candidates must demonstrate their ability to:

  • use highly developed knowledge to analyse and think critically about key historical ideas, and to develop an argument that demonstrates an understanding of a complex historical context(s) and setting(s)
  • synthesise a highly-developed understanding of the context with ideas drawn from both the resource booklet provided and their own knowledge of complex historical contexts
  • evaluate historical relationships such as cause and effect, continuity and change, past and present, specific and general, and patterns and trends
  • judge the reliability and usefulness of historical evidence, and evaluate the strengths and limitations of historians’ narratives

Content/Context details

The context of the sources and question provided will vary each year.

The context for the 2019 examination will be the  “The role of populism as a historical force”.

Candidates will respond to the question with a clear and substantiated argument within an effective written format, including an introduction, conclusion and structured paragraphs.

2019 Examination timetable

History resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

Performance standards

Exam materials (question books, resource books, reports, schedules, etc)

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