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Spanish assessment specification

Scholarship Performance Standard (93007) Spanish 
Method of assessment Written and spoken examination
For year 2023

Resources or information supplied

  • A question-and-answer booklet for each candidate.
  • An audio file of the Listening passage(s).
  • A laminated 'Speaking Task' card.

The school will provide a device and software on which to play the listening passage(s), and to record the candidate's spoken response.

Format of the assessment

The exam consists of TWO parts, held in a three-hour time slot:

  • First, is a two-hour Writing section with two questions in response to spoken and written stimulus material in Spanish.
  • Second, is a short individual Speaking section, scheduled within a one-hour time slot, with one question in Spanish.

SECTION ONE: Writing (two hours)

Question One

This question will require a response written in Spanish, to passage(s) spoken in Spanish, and provided as an audio file.

The Listening passage(s) will:

  • require approximately 30 minutes listening time
  • be repeated 3 times: the first time as a whole, the second and third times in sections, with a pause after each section
  • consist of no more than 3 passages
  • be linked around a common theme.

Question Two

This question will require a response written in English or te reo Māori, to stimulus material written in Spanish, provided in the question-and-answer booklet.

The written stimulus material will:

  • consist of no more than 3 texts
  • be linked around a common theme.

SECTION TWO: Speaking (individual sessions within a one-hour time slot)

Question Three

Candidates will be required to give a spoken response of 3–4 minutes to a question related to the listening passage(s) and/or the written text(s). Both the question and the response will be in Spanish.

In the recording room, candidates will be given:

  • a straightforward question
  • paper and pen
  • 10 minutes to draft an oral response to the question.

At the end of 10 minutes, candidates will give a spoken response of 3–4 minutes, in Spanish, to the question. Candidates may use their notes as they speak.

Information for candidates (PDF, 28KB)

Submission instructions

Submission instructions for NZ Scholarship Languages (Spanish) will be available to schools in Term 3.

Spanish resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

Performance standard

Exam materials (question books, resource books, reports, schedules, etc.)

2022 exam materials (ZIP, 13MB)

2021 exam materials (ZIP, 30MB)

2020 exam materials (ZIP, 33MB)

2019 exam materials (ZIP, 27MB)

2018 exam materials (ZIP, 9MB)

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