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Technology assessment specification

Scholarship Performance Standard (93601) Technology
Method of assessment Report (digital submission)
For year 2021

Format of the assessment

The assessment will be in the form of a reflective report based on experiences in developing a technological outcome(s). A report is an organised collection of evidence that clearly communicates the candidate's knowledge, understanding, and skills relevant to the Technology Scholarship standard.

A report must be clear and contain easily accessible evidence of the candidate's outcome. It may include a combination of:

  • clear photographs
  • brief videos to communicate development of technological outcomes
  • graphical, audio, video, and / or digital media to enhance or illustrate aspects of the candidate's experiences shown in the report (NB audio / visual appendices should not repeat material in the report). 

Requirements of a report:

  • Length: maximum 60 A4 pages
  • Typeface: 12pt Arial (or similar)
  • Margins: 2.5cm (top, bottom, left, and right)

Where ITC outcomes include websites, databases, apps, games, etc., these will not be accessed by the marker. Dynamic aspects should therefore be communicated in the report using screen capture techniques and / or video evidence.

Where candidates have been involved in a group project, they must explicitly declare their individual role within the project, and report on their own work only. Where this is not clear, the marker may not see the evidence as belonging to the candidate.

Technological experiences include:

  • undertaking technological practice to develop a technological outcome(s) that is justified as fit for purpose in the broadest sense and shows elements of elegance and / or originality
  • demonstrating understandings of concepts underpinning technological knowledge
  • demonstrating understandings of the nature of technology.

Submission and authenticity

Submission instructions for Scholarship Technology are available on the Technology subject page.

Technology resources 

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

Performance standard

Assessment materials

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