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Te Reo Māori assessment specification

(Updated in March 2021)

Scholarship Performance Standard (93003) Te Reo Māori
Method of assessment Whakamātautau ā-waho
For year 2021

He Kōrero Whakamārama mō Te Hiranga Reo Māori

E toru haora te roa o tēnei whakamātautau ā-waho. E rua ngā wāhanga o te whakamātautau nei. Me mahi te katoa o ngā wāhanga.

Ngā Rauemi

Kotahi noa iho te pukapuka mō tēnei whakamātautau ā-waho. Kei roto i te pukapuka ēnei whakamārama e whai ake nei:

  • ngā tohutohu mō ia wāhanga e rua
  • ngā mahi mō ia wāhanga
  • ngā whārangi wātea mō ngā tuhinga
  • ngā whārangi mahere whakaaro e rua.

Te Takotoranga


Tūmahi tuatahi: Pānui aroā 

  • Atu ki te rua whārangi te roa o te pānuitanga.
  • He reo uaua te momo, ā, he kaupapa e kōrero ana mō tētahi tikanga, tētahi kaupapa rānei o te ao Māori.
  • Whakamāramahia i āu ake kupu, te tikanga o ētahi rerenga kōrero i te pānuitanga.

Tūmahi tuarua: Tuhituhi 

  • Atu ki te rima rau kupu te roa o te tuhinga, ā, me reo Māori te katoa.
  • Ka whiriwhiria e te ākonga tētahi o ngā kaupapa hei tuhinga māna.


Tūmahi tuatoru: Whakarongo (he kōnae whakarongo)

  • He momo kōrerorero te hanga (tokorua ngā tāngata).
  • Ka tukuna e te kaiwhakahaere ētahi pepa, ā, ka tuhia e te ākonga tana kōrero.
  • E toru ngā wā ka rongo ai te ākonga i te kōnae whakarongo.
  • Me tiki ngā kīwaha e rua i te kōrero hei whakamārama i te matū.
  • Tekau mā rima meneti anō te roa mō te whakarāpopoto kōrero, ki te whakamārama hoki i ana kīwaha e rua.
  • Ka kohikohia e te kaiwhakahaere ngā pukapuka whakamātautau katoa, engari ka waiho te pepa me tā te ākonga kōrero.
  • Ka tatari te ākonga mō tōna wā hopu reo.
  • E āhei ana te ākonga ki te pānui i tana kōrero i a ia e tatari ana kia hopungia tana reo.

Tūmahi tuawhā: Kōrero

  • E rima meneti te roa mō te hopu kōrero.
  • Ka haere te ākonga ki ruma noa atu, ki te hopu i tōna reo.
  • E āhei ana ngā ākonga ki te titiro ki ngā tuhinga.
  • Ka hopukina te kōrero e te kaiwhakahaere, ā, ka oti te whakamātautau.

Ngā Kaupapa 2021

  • Pūrākau – he kōrero ā-iwi nō neherā.
  • Te Whakarauora Reo Māori – ngā rautaki whakarauora reo ā-iwi.
  • Te Ao Tōrangapū – he kaupapa tōrangapū e pā ana ki te hapori, ki te iwi Māori, ki Aotearoa whānui.
  • Ngā Poropiti – He tangata whai oranga ā-tinana, ā-wairua hoki mō tōna iwi.
  • Ngā kīwaha me ana tikanga.

Clarification of Scholarship Te Reo Māori

This external examination is three hours long in duration.  There are two sections in this examination.  You must complete all sections. 


There is only one examination booklet. Inside the booklet you will find the following:

  • instructions for both sections
  • tasks for each section
  • spare pages for your writing
  • the two planning pages.



Task one: Reading comprehension

The reading passage will be up to two pages in length.

The language will be challenging and it will cover cultural aspects of the Māori world.

Explain in your own words, the meaning of selected passages within the reading.

Task two: Writing

  • The written passage will be up to 500 words long and all in reo Māori.
  • The candidate will select one of the topics to write about. 


Task three: Listening (audio file)

  • This will be a (two-person) conversation.
  • The supervisor will provide paper and the candidates will write their speech (notes).
  • Candidates will hear the audio file played three times.
  • They should find two colloquial sayings / kīwaha to explain within the speech.
  • The candidate will have another 15 minutes to summarise what they heard and to explain their two selected kīwaha.
  • The superviser is to gather all examination material, but to leave the paper and the candidate’s speech.
  • Candidates are to wait for their recording time.
  • Candidates may read through their notes while they are waiting to be recorded.  

Task four: Speaking

  • Five minutes is allowed for the recording of speeches.
  • The candidate goes to a separate room to record their speech.
  • They may refer to their notes.
  • The speech is recorded by the supervisor / technical assistant and the examination is completed.

Topics for 2021

  • Legends – tribal stories of the past.
  • Reo Māori Revitalisation – strategies to enliven tribal language.
  • The World of Politics – at community tribal and national levels.
  • The Prophets – impact on health and well-being and the spirituality of their people.
  • Colloquial sayings and their meaning.

Submission Instructions

Please refer to the Digital External Assessment Submission Instructions for NZ Scholarship Languages (PDF, 938KB) for more information relating to the upload of candidate digital recordings.

Te Reo Māori resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

Performance standard

Exam materials (question books, resource books, reports, schedules, etc)

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