Services and Fees


International Qualification Assessment (IQA) 

This fee includes the assessment of up to five qualifications.

'Fast Track' option, which guarantees a processing time of up to 10 working days. This amount is added to the standard IQA fee.





Pre-Assessment Result (PAR) 


Overseas Study Assessment (OSA) 


Duplicate Recognition Statement Fee

If you require a replacement copy of your IQA Recognition Statement, please contact QRS to receive an electronic version. Paper copies of the Recognition Statement are no longer issued. If you applied for your assessment after mid-July 2018 you can access the electronic file from the QRS applicant dashboard. 

No charge

Add a Qualification

For when you would like to add an additional qualification to be assessed after your IQA has been completed. This service is only available for one year (12 months) after the completion of the original IQA.

If you request to add a qualification after the initial assessment has been completed, a new Recognition Statement will be issued that includes only the added qualification(s).

A maximum of five qualifications can be evaluated per application. After this a new application must be lodged.



If you believe the evaluation outcome in your IQA Recognition Statement is incorrect or that we missed some relevant information, you have the right to request a review of our decision. This fee will be refunded if the evaluation outcome is found to be incorrect. Request a review here. 

This service is only available for three months following the completion of the initial Recognition Statement.


We also offer a re-evaluation service. Read the description of this service below.



If you believe the evaluation outcome in your Recognition Statement could be impacted by recent policy changes or newly-available information, you can apply to have your qualification(s) re-evaluated. You can also choose this option if you need to add a purpose to your application that requires additional evaluation (such as teacher registration or consideration of an immigration skill shortage list). This fee will not be refunded, regardless of whether your outcome changes.

This service is only available for 12 months following the completion of the initial Recognition Statement.


Add a purpose

If you need to add a purpose to your application and it does not require additional evaluation, we will re-issue your Recognition Statement electronically, free of charge. This service is only available for 12 months following the completion of the original Recognition Statement.

Contact QRS to request that a purpose be added. We will advise whether we can simply re-issue your statement, or if you need to apply for a re-evaluation (see above).  


For further information refer to the general information guide you received with your Recognition Statement.

Other questions? Contact QRS at or 

+64 (4) 463 3000 (Freephone in NZ: 0800 697 296)

All fees given above are GST inclusive where applicable, and are subject to change. Contact NZQA or re-check the website for a list of current fees at the time you make your application.

The fees listed in the table above do not cover charges made by third parties. For example, if NZQA asks an education provider for verification of your qualifications and that education provider charges a fee, we'll let you know so you can pay the fee directly to the education provider.

Partial refunds may be requested. However, amounts will be at the discretion of NZQA after determining the amount of work that has already been completed. If you have paid the fast track application fee and NZQA fails to meet the processing timeframe (10 working days), a refund of the fast track fee is available.

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