Ordering result documents

Online results

You can access your results online anytime.  You need to register as a user and login.

The ‘My School Entries and Results’ screen will be updated with internal results as they become available during the year. External results will be available online from mid January.

As your results are updated regularly NZQA recommends that you choose carefully when ordering copies of your documents. If you require additional copies there may be a charge.

What can I order?

New Zealand Record of Achievement (NZRoA)

You can save a free copy of your NZRoA in PDF format by logging into the Learner portal on this website. 

You are also entitled to one free hard copy of your NZRoA each year (if you had results in the previous year).  Any more hard copies will cost $15.30 each.  You can order online.

NCEA and University Entrance Certificates

You are entitled to one free NCEA certificate at each level and one free UE certificate.  Any more copies will cost $15.30 each.  You can order online.

Certificate reprints

There is a charge of $15.30 for each certificate reprint.  You can order online.

What should I do if I apply for a review or reconsideration?

If you are going to apply for a review or reconsideration please do not order your result documents until the review or reconsideration process has been completed.

If you have applied for a review or reconsideration for University Entrance please let your chosen university know as it can take up to four weeks for your updated results to become available.

Read more about reviews and reconsiderations.

What can’t I do online?

Results available to others

All the details shown on your SRS and RoA are sent to your school automatically.

New Zealand universities are able to access your records if you have allowed your results to be released to tertiary institutions. You can confirm this by checking in the 'My Enrolments' area of the learner login. If 'Results to Tertiary Institutions' is yes, New Zealand universities have access to your results.

Contact Data Management & Learner Records if you wish to make changes to your tertiary release status.

Studying Overseas

If you are planning to study at an overseas tertiary institution, contact the institution as early as possible to find out what results information you need to provide.

Australian universities will contact NZQA directly to obtain your results.

Read more about study in Australia, entrance to overseas tertiary courses and international NCEA recognition.

Overseas Results Notice (ORN)

If you are an international fee paying student, you can download your ORN from the 'Order documents' section of the learner login. The ORN contains a summary of credits by subject in PDF format.

Since 2013, the ORN has contained the Abitur score for German international fee paying students.

Additional information is available for Thai and German students.

Sending your results directly from NZQA to your university

Some tertiary institutions require your result notices directly from NZQA. Contact Data Management & Learner Records for more information relating to the overseas admission process.

Grade Point Average (GPA) estimates for international universities

If the tertiary institution to which you are planning to study does not directly recognise NCEA results, NZQA may be able to provide an estimate of your overall and subject performance in the form of a GPA letter. This is subject to there being sufficient credits assessed during the year.

For more information regarding the GPA process contact Psychometrics, Reporting and Statistics.

Offers of places at universities are entirely at the universities discretion.

Document certification

If the tertiary institution to which you are applying requires authentication of your NZQA result notices, refer to the Department of Internal Affairs website for information relating to document authentication.

Some institutions also require the secondary school to authenticate these documents or provide a school leaving letter or certificate.

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