Pacific Indigenous Knowledge Assessment Support Material

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Resources have been written to assist assessors of Pacific Indigenous Knowledge unit standards to develop their own quality assessment material.  The material is intended to:

  • be relevant to both the secondary and tertiary setting
  • provide a model to assist assessors to develop further tasks that promote quality assessment of Pacific Indigenous Knowledge unit standards
  • make it easier for assessors to assess effectively, efficiently and consistently.

The marking rubric has been developed as a tool for assessors to use to capture evidence throughout the learner's presentation. 

These resources are intended as a guide only and it is expected that assessors will adapt these and develop assessments that are relevant to the context their assessment occurs in.

Level 1
17162 Assessor guidelines (PDF, 105KB) Assessor guidelines (DOCX, 309KB) Student guidelines (PDF, 96KB) Student guidelines (DOCX, 286KB)    
26538 Assessor guidelines (PDF, 83KB) Assessor guidelines (DOCX, 195KB) Student guidelines (PDF, 79KB) Student guidelines (DOCX, 182KB) Marking Rubric (PDF, 57KB) Marking Rubic (DOCX, 107KB)
Level 2
17163 Assessor guidelines (PDF, 110KB) Assessor guidelines (DOCX, 363KB) Student guidelines (PDF, 309KB) Student guidelines (DOCX, 287KB)    
26539 Assessor guidelines (PDF, 83KB) Assessor guidelines (DOCX, 210KB) Student guidelines (PDF, 84KB) Student guidelines (DOCX, 202KB) Marking Rubric (PDF, 68KB) Marking Rubic (DOCX, 131KB)
Level 3
17164 Assessor guidelines (PDF, 123KB) Assessor guidelines (DOCX, 321KB) Student guidelines (PDF, 86KB) Student guidelines (DOCX, 275KB)    
26540 Assessor guidelines (PDF, 89KB) Assessor guidelines (DOCX, 199KB) Student guidelines (PDF, 84KB) Student guidelines (DOCX, 194KB) Marking Rubric (PDF, 72KB) Marking Rubic (DOCX, 122KB)

Example of a key idea across the levels (PDF, 23KB)


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