International qualifications

Recognition of qualifications gained overseas

If you plan to live in New Zealand, you may need to get your international qualifications recognised so you can work, study or apply to emigrate to New Zealand.

If you need your overseas qualifications recognised for ... then ...
Immigration: so you can move to New Zealand see Get international qualifications recognised for immigration
Employment: so you can work in New Zealand see Apply for an International Qualifications Assessment
Further study: so you can do further study in New Zealand
Teaching: so you can be registered as a teacher in New Zealand
Teaching Salary assessment: so your teaching salary can be set

Going overseas to study?

If you plan to go overseas to study, check early what you need to do for:

You may be able to get an interest-free student loan or an exemption from paying interest on your current student loan.

Overseas study Application form (PDF, 262KB)
Apply for an Overseas Study Assessment (OSA)

Find information for...

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