Extension of Consent to Assess for schools

A school or wharekura must be granted Consent to Assess before it can assess learners against standards on the NZQF. In most cases, the initial grant of Consent to Assess is for all standards in the Base Scope of Assessment for Schools (BSAS).

Schools or wharekura wishing to assess against standards beyond the scope of their existing consent must apply to NZQA.

If a standard has been reviewed and designated as expiring it is no longer available for new programmes. An extension of Consent to Assess for the standard cannot be approved. For more information go to Outcomes of unit standard reviews.

Applying for extension of Consent to Assess

To apply to NZQA for an extension of Consent to Assess for your school, prepare as PDFs the documentation outlined below and submit your application through your Provider login. Contact your School Relationship Manager (SRM) if you wish to discuss the detail of your application.

Required documentation:

  1. Complete the Consent and Moderation Requirements form (CMR) (DOC, 37KB). (Document 1). So as to comply with Rule 7.2(a) of the Consent to Assess Against Standards on the Directory of Assessment Standards Rules 2011 (CAAS), the school must demonstrate that it can meet the consent and moderation requirements for the relevant standard(s). For Level 4 standards in the Field Māori complete the subfield specific CMRs instead, CMR0165 (PDF, 187KB), CMR0166 (PDF, 337KB) or CMR0149 (PDF, 305KB).
  2. If the Standard Setting Body (SSB) is a Workforce Development Council (WDC) the school must contact the WDC and seek support for the Consent To Assess extension (DOC, 27KB) for the relevant standards (Document 2). Document 1 must be attached to this letter so the WDC can evaluate the school’s ability to meet the consent and moderation requirements to assess the relevant standards.
  3. A covering letter (DOC, 30KB) from the Principal to NZQA, seeking an extension to consent for the relevant standards.
  4. A completed attestation form (DOCX, 19KB) stating that the school’s Quality Management System (QMS) is up to date (Document 4) (CAAS Rules 7.2(b)).

Submitting the application

Submit your application through the Applications link in the School's Administration area of your Provider login. It is not necessary to submit a copy of the CMR form if the letter of support from your WDC attests that the school has met the consent and moderation requirements for all the standards in the application.

For more information on the online submission process go to Online consent to assess extension application for schools.

What happens next?

Once the application is received, it is analysed and either approved or further information is requested. The approval process takes approximately 20 working days.

After this time, you should receive confirmation of the extension of consent to assess. These standards will be included in your school's list of accreditations and you may begin assessing students.

You will receive an invoice for $200 + GST once your application has been processed and approved.

For Level 4 Field Māori applications an additional charge of up to $315 + GST may be charged for the approval process. If a site visit is required there may be further additional charges.

You can view your school's consents on the website by searching "Education organisations" using the school's name or code.  The school's consents file is also found in "File Downloads" (Accreds.txt) on the school's NZQA Provider login and can be uploaded to the school's Student Management System database.

Further information

If you have any questions or require further information, contact the School Quality Assurance and Liaison team.

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