Examination management

The smooth running of exams is dependent on school managers establishing protocols and a working relationship with the Examination Centre Manager. Communicating these with staff and students ensures everyone is working towards the same goal.

The Examination Centre Manager and supervisors are employed by NZQA to administer the exams according to the NZQA Assessment Rules for Schools, TEOs assessing against Achievement Standards, and Candidates 2023.

Becoming an Examination Centre

To become an examination centre, schools and kura must meet specific criteria. Please email examcentremanagement@nzqa.govt.nz for further information.

Recruiting your Examination Centre Manager.

The Principal’s Nominee is responsible for the nomination, each year, of the school’s Examination Centre Manager. Further information about the Role Description and the Recruitment Guide can be found through the ECM Recruitment link on the school's secure NZQA website.

Working with the Examination Centre Manager

The Principal's Nominee and the Examination Centre Manager should meet by early term 4. The information from working with the Examination Centre Manager should assist with this meeting.

Preparing for Digital Examinations

Getting ready for digital exams provides technical and digital exam support requirements for schools such as preparing students, checking internet capacity, preparing your space, checking devices, knowing where to get support and some digital exams frequently asked questions. 

Briefing students

The Principal's Nominee and the Examination Centre Manager should also meet with exam candidates before they go on exam leave. Other students also need to be briefed and managed during the examination period. The information for briefing students should assist with this meeting. Another resource that may assist is the Candidate Information Sheet.

Briefing school staff

The Principal's Nominee should also ensure the school staff and the other students are aware of their responsibilities during the exam period. The information for briefing school staff should assist with these briefings.

Managing late external entries

The Principal's Nominee must have a process for managing late entries for external examinations. This will involve communicating all late entries to the Examination Centre Manager, developing Late Entry Attendance Rolls and ensuring students are provided with updated admission slips

Examination timetable clashes

The Principal's Nominee should ensure that where a timetable clash occurs, students are informed of its impact and arrangements to made to resolve the clash. The information on examination timetable clashes should assist with resolving clashes.

Requests to change an examination centre

The Principal's Nominee should refer all requests by students to change an examination centre to NZQA. Details of the process are available on the request to change examination centre page.


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