Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Wera Consultants Ltd (Rotorua)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Standard consents to assess


15309 Demonstrate knowledge of hauora M?ori models and their application in a hauora context (level 4) View details »

18564 Demonstrate knowledge of M?ori methods of conflict resolution in a hauora context (level 6) View details »

15308 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga used for stress management in a hauora context (level 4) View details »

15317 Design and implement M?ori health promotion programmes (level 5) View details »

15305 Explain and analyse hauora M?ori concepts of kaitiakitanga and mana (level 5) View details »

15314 Explain and apply tikanga when communicating with, and caring for, wh?nau in a hauora context (level 4) View details »

15312 Explain implications of legislation on hauora M?ori (level 3) View details »

15316 Explain, apply, and maintain personal and professional boundaries when working with wh?nau (level 4) View details »

Wh?nau Ora

31425 Apply kaupapa M?ori concepts and principles to examine the delivery of services with a wh?nau centred approach (level 5) View details »

31424 Apply the principles of te pono me te tika to examine wh?nau ora services from a wh?nau and a practitioner's perspective (level 5) View details »

31427 Critically reflect on own and one other practitioner in a wh?nau ora context underpinned by rangatiratanga and whakamana (level 5) View details »

31176 Design and implement a M?ori communication strategy to achieve wh?nau ora (level 4) View details »

31178 Design, develop, implement and monitor a wh?nau ora plan in collaboration with wh?nau (level 4) View details »

31423 Develop and apply a wh?nau ora framework underpinned by the principles of whanaungatanga (level 5) View details »

31422 Develop and implement strategies that foster and manage relationships in a wh?nau ora context (level 5) View details »

31180 Develop, implement, and monitor a wh?nau ora plan in collaboration with wh?nau (level 4) View details »