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Music Studies

91094 Demonstrate knowledge of conventions used in music scores 4 credits External
Examination paper 2019 (372KB)
Pepa whakamatautau 2019 (517KB)
Profiles of Expected Performance 2019 (4KB)
Examination paper 2018 (371KB)
Exemplar answer script 2018 - Excellence (6329KB)
Exemplar answer script 2018 - Merit (5960KB)
Exemplar answer script 2018 - Achievement (5502KB)
Examination paper 2017 (464KB)
Pepa whakamatautau 2017 (651KB)
Exemplar answer script 2017 - Excellence (3922KB)
Exemplar answer script 2017 - Merit (4020KB)
Exemplar answer script 2017 - Achievement (4373KB)
Examination paper 2016 (396KB)
Exemplar answer script 2016 - Excellence (800KB)
Exemplar answer script 2016 - Merit (719KB)
Exemplar answer script 2016 - Achievement (686KB)
Examination paper 2015 (369KB)
Resource booklet 2015 (330KB)
Examination paper 2014 (324KB)
Pepa whakamatautau 2014 (466KB)
Pukapuka rauemi 2014 (392KB)
Resource booklet 2014 (282KB)
Examination paper 2013 (375KB)
Resource booklet 2013 (372KB)
Examination paper 2012 (342KB)
Resource booklet 2012 (339KB)
Examination paper 2011 (335KB)
Resource booklet 2011 (321KB)
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91095 Demonstrate knowledge of two music works from contrasting contexts 6 credits Internal
This standard is internally assessed. See Te Kete Ipurangi website

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