Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Ringa Atawhai Matauranga Limited (Whangarei)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Domain consents to assess

Public Health Practice (to level 5)

Standard consents to assess

Cleaning Skills

29384 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of infection prevention and contamination when working as a cleaner (level 3) View details »


18561 Compile a database of hauora service providers, and identify and explain referral policies and processes (level 4) View details »

15309 Demonstrate knowledge of hauora M?ori models and their application in a hauora context (level 4) View details »

15301 Demonstrate knowledge of indigenous treatments and traditional practices for treatment of te tinana in a hauora context (level 6) View details »

18564 Demonstrate knowledge of M?ori methods of conflict resolution in a hauora context (level 6) View details »

15310 Demonstrate knowledge of the human life cycle in a hauora context (level 3) View details »

15308 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga used for stress management in a hauora context (level 4) View details »

29587 Describe M?ori diet and nutrition pre and post-P?keh? contact (level 3) View details »

15314 Explain and apply tikanga when communicating with, and caring for, wh?nau in a hauora context (level 4) View details »

18560 Explain M?ori methods of effective communication used by kaimahi in a hauora context (level 3) View details »

15299 Explain the principles and concepts of hauora based on a M?ori world view (level 3) View details »

15316 Explain, apply, and maintain personal and professional boundaries when working with wh?nau (level 4) View details »

18360 Prepare a nutritionally balanced diet using kai t?tika M?ori (level 3) View details »

Health and Disability Principles in Practice

32419 Apply M?ori values and evaluate their application, when supporting tangata whai ora in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

27141 Demonstrate knowledge of cultural identities and culture-related issues in an aged care, health, or disability context (level 3) View details »

28543 Describe culturally safe M?ori operating principles and values, and their application in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

32418 Describe Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Treaty of Waitangi, and a bi-cultural approach in a health and wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

Interpersonal Communications

9681 Contribute within a team or group which has an objective (level 3) View details »

Manaaki Marae - Takat? Kai

21232 Describe the tasks and responsibilities of ringawera in a marae wharekai (level 2) View details »

27510 Identify customary kai M?ori and describe its gathering process (level 2) View details »

M?ori Environmental Practices

6143 Carry out a local kaitiakitanga activity with direction (level 3) View details »

6142 Explain kaitiakitanga in relation to the way M?ori interact with te taiao (level 3) View details »

M?ori Management - Generic

10667 Explain the use of tikanga in M?ori incorporated entities (level 4) View details »

Mental Health and Addiction Support

27093 Contribute to a M?ori cultural assessment of a person accessing mental health and addiction services (level 4) View details »

26987 Contribute to the safety of people accessing mental health and addiction services, support workers, and others (level 4) View details »

26990 Demonstrate ethical practice and reflect on own ethical practice as a mental health and addiction support worker (level 4) View details »

26991 Demonstrate knowledge of law related to support work in mental health and addiction services (level 4) View details »

26983 Describe and implement strategies for engaging with a person accessing MHA services and their natural supports (level 4) View details »

26988 Describe contributors to, and the impact of, MHA issues on human development and support a person accessing MHA services (level 4) View details »

26971 Describe factors that contribute to mental health wellbeing and mental health challenges (level 3) View details »

26972 Describe interventions and models used when working with a person accessing mental health and addiction services (level 3) View details »

26984 Describe mental health and addiction issues, and the potential impact of co-existing issues (level 4) View details »

26986 Describe the mental health and addiction sectors in New Zealand and carry out the role of an MHA support worker (level 4) View details »

26985 Support a person accessing mental health and addiction services in managing their own prescribed medication (level 4) View details »

26973 Support a person accessing mental health and addiction services to engage with and review local services and resources (level 3) View details »

26989 Support a person accessing mental health or addiction services to develop, follow and review a wellbeing support plan (level 4) View details »

Older Persons' Health and Wellbeing

26974 Describe interaction, supports, and reporting for people with dementia in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

Te Aho Wahine

25764 Demonstrate knowledge of preparing a marae for a p?whiri (level 2) View details »

Te M?tauranga M?ori Wh?nui

16050 Explain the historical impact of te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi (level 3) View details »

30074 Explain the Treaty of Waitangi and Te Tiriti o Waitangi in legislation today (level 4) View details »

Te Whakamahi Whenua

6146 Plan, carry out and evaluate a local mahinga kai activity (level 3) View details »

Tourism M?ori Practices

17389 Demonstrate knowledge of essential aspects of marae tikanga in tourism M?ori (level 4) View details »

17391 Demonstrate knowledge of key forms of M?ori communication, and the significance of M?ori identity in tourism M?ori (level 3) View details »

31070 Explain the importance of M?ori place names, and use reo M?ori greetings and farewells in tourism (level 3) View details »

Wh?nau Ora

30623 Explain why service provider accountability is important to wh?nau (level 3) View details »

Work and Study Skills

26625 Actively participate in spoken interactions (level 1) View details »

7120 Demonstrate knowledge of note taking (level 1) View details »

26626 Interpret statistical information for a purpose (level 1) View details »

64 Perform calculations for a specified workplace (level 1) View details »

4251 Plan a career pathway (level 3) View details »

504 Produce a CV (curriculum vitae) (level 1) View details »

4252 Produce a personal targeted CV (curriculum vitae) (level 2) View details »

10781 Produce a plan for own future directions (level 2) View details »

26624 Read texts with understanding (level 1) View details »

8824 Research a topic and evaluate the research process (level 2) View details »

26627 Use measurement to solve problems (level 1) View details »

26623 Use number to solve problems (level 1) View details »

26622 Write to communicate ideas for a purpose and audience (level 1) View details »


24871 Complete complex forms (level 2) View details »

3491 Write a report (level 3) View details »