Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Matapuna Trust (Gisborne)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Sub-field consents to assess

Distribution (to level 2)

General Education M?ori (to level 4)

Ng? Mahi a te Whare Pora (to level 2)

Reo M?ori (to level 4)

Retail and Wholesale (to level 2)

Retail, Distribution, and Sales (to level 2)

Supported Learning (to level 2)

Te Marautanga o Aotearoa (to level 4)

Domain consents to assess

Bicycle Sales and Servicing (to level 4)

Business Administration Services (to level 3)

Business Information Management (to level 3)

Business Information Processing (to level 4)

Core Driving Knowledge and Skills (to level 2)

Design - Computer Graphics (to level 2)

Design - Graphic Communication (to level 2)

Design and Visual Communication (to level 2)

Digital Technologies (to level 1)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (to level 2)

English Language (to level 2)

Financial Capability (to level 3)

Generic Computing (to level 3)

Generic Design (to level 2)

Health Education (to level 2)

Home Economics (to level 2)

Interpersonal Communications (to level 3)

Introductory Communication Skills (to level 2)

Legal Studies (to level 2)

Making Music (to level 1)

M?ori Office Systems (to level 3)

M?ori Performance (to level 3)

M?ori Performing Arts Creation (to level 2)

Measurement (to level 1)

Media Studies (to level 2)

Music Studies (to level 1)

New M?ori Dance (to level 3)

Number (to level 1)

Personal Financial Management (to level 3)

Physical Education (to level 2)

Practical Art (to level 3)

Reading (to level 2)

Self-Management (to level 2)

Service Sector - Core Skills (to level 2)

Service Sector Skills (to level 2)

Social and Cooperative Skills (to level 2)

Social Studies (to level 2)

Te Ao Haka (to level 3)

Te Reo M?ori P?p?ho (to level 2)

Text and Information Management - Generic (to level 3)

Work and Study Skills (to level 3)

Writing (to level 2)

Standard consents to assess

Business Administration Services

21866 Demonstrate and apply knowledge to provide medical administration services (level 4) View details »

21867 Process medical records and related information using a computerised patient database (level 4) View details »

Canoeing - Kayaking

476 Roll a decked paddle craft on flat water (level 2) View details »

Civil Defence Operation

528 Demonstrate survival techniques for a Civil Defence emergency (level 2) View details »

Computer Support

29798 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate a range of common hardware and software problems (level 3) View details »

29784 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate simple or routine hardware, software and connectivity problems (level 2) View details »

Diving - Recreational

28391 Snorkel dive in open water (level 2) View details »

English Language

28062 Participate in a formal interview (EL) (level 3) View details »

30999 Read and understand moderately complex texts (EL) (level 4) View details »

28070 Write a response for a specific purpose (EL) (level 3) View details »

Exercise Prescription

21794 Demonstrate, instruct, and monitor static stretching (level 2) View details »

First Aid

6400 Manage first aid in an emergency situation (level 3) View details »

6402 Provide basic life support (level 2) View details »

6401 Provide first aid (level 2) View details »

25459 Provide first aid for young children (level 2) View details »

Fitness Education

505 Manage personal physical fitness with guidance (level 1) View details »

Governance of M?ori Authorities

16070 Explain the work of the M?ori Land Court (level 3) View details »


15986 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga in relation to rongo? r?kau (level 2) View details »

29587 Describe M?ori diet and nutrition pre and post-P?keh? contact (level 3) View details »

18357 Develop a substance abuse awareness programme for rangatahi (level 3) View details »

18356 Develop a substance abuse cessation programme in a hauora context (level 3) View details »

18352 Explain four key dimensions of hauora (level 3) View details »

18361 Explain M?ori childcare practices pre and post-P?keh? contact (level 3) View details »

18354 Explain the impact of teenage pregnancy on wh?nau (level 3) View details »

18363 Explain the impacts of tikanga associated with hauora in the home (level 3) View details »

18353 Explain the values of wh?nau and peers in relation to sex and sexuality (level 3) View details »

29559 Identify and explain M?ori models of hauora and explain how these models can be implemented in a health organisation (level 3) View details »

18360 Prepare a nutritionally balanced diet using kai t?tika M?ori (level 3) View details »

High Wires and High Ropes

473 Demonstrate safe practices for participation in high ropes course activities (level 2) View details »

Human Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition

30636 Demonstrate knowledge of the human body and its movement during exercise and stretching (level 3) View details »

Manaaki Marae - Takat? Kai

21232 Describe the tasks and responsibilities of ringawera in a marae wharekai (level 2) View details »

31287 Prepare and provide kai service, as part of a team and under supervision, for manuhiri (level 2) View details »

21253 Prepare and serve beverages in a marae wharekai (level 2) View details »

21248 Prepare, maintain and clear a buffet in a marae wharekai (level 2) View details »

Manaaki Marae - Wh?ngai Manuhiri

29566 Prepare fruit and vegetables to present for manuhiri (level 2) View details »

M?ori Environmental Management

6151 Carry out mahi rangahau with guidance in relation to a local M?ori resource management issue (level 4) View details »

6138 Explain the role of whakatauk? in relation to how M?ori manage te taiao (level 1) View details »

M?ori Environmental Practices

6143 Carry out a local kaitiakitanga activity with direction (level 3) View details »

15990 Demonstrate knowledge of a native bird and its significance to M?ori (level 1) View details »

15983 Demonstrate knowledge of kai preservation (level 1) View details »

15985 Demonstrate knowledge of the use of r?kau M?ori (level 1) View details »

15988 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga for the preparation of mahinga kai (level 1) View details »

6139 Describe aroha in relation to the way M?ori interact with te taiao (level 1) View details »

6137 Describe tapu, noa, and mana in relation to the way M?ori interact with te taiao (level 1) View details »

19670 Describe the role of, and interactions between atua M?ori in te taiao (level 1) View details »

6141 Describe whanaungatanga in relation to how M?ori interact and take care of te taiao (level 2) View details »

6142 Explain kaitiakitanga in relation to the way M?ori interact with te taiao (level 3) View details »

15991 Explain the importance of one native insect to M?ori in a local context (level 1) View details »

15987 Explain tikanga M?ori for the use of r?kau M?ori in clothing, whare, waka and implements (level 2) View details »

6148 Explain tino rangatiratanga in relation to the way M?ori interact with te taiao (level 4) View details »

19671 Identify and describe a M?ori view of te taiao (level 1) View details »

15976 Identify and explain te taiao occurrences in a local context using p?r?kau and waiata (level 1) View details »

6147 Identify and explain the different views M?ori and P?keh? have in relation to te taiao (level 3) View details »

Merchandising and Marketing

11993 Identify advertising copy requirements and write advertising copy in a retail or distribution environment (level 3) View details »

Mountain Biking

20137 Demonstrate mountain biking on grade 1 terrain (level 1) View details »

457 Demonstrate mountain biking skills on grade 2 terrain (level 2) View details »

New M?ori Dance

22761 Choreograph and present new M?ori dance (level 3) View details »

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplace (level 2) View details »

497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements (level 1) View details »


5479 Complete white and yellow orienteering courses (level 1) View details »

Outdoor Equipment

4573 Communicate in the outdoors using two-way radio (level 2) View details »

22015 Design and construct clothing or equipment for use in the outdoors (level 2) View details »


485 Participate in an introductory rafting experience (level 2) View details »


7870 Harvest and prepare kiekie for kete whakairo (level 3) View details »

7871 Harvest and prepare p?ngao for kete whakairo (level 3) View details »

Recreation and Sport - Coaching and Instruction

31675 Demonstrate knowledge of the role and responsibilities of a coach, and of coaching beginner-level sport participants (level 3) View details »

Recreation and Sport - Core Skills

21649 Demonstrate knowledge of basic anatomy to the performance of a complex sport skill (level 2) View details »

Retail - Technical Skills

26556 Demonstrate knowledge of child restraints to provide advice for installation, rental or sale (level 3) View details »

Retail and Distribution Core Skills

12003 Demonstrate knowledge of buying processes in a retail or distribution environment (level 3) View details »

Rock Climbing

20152 Demonstrate basic knowledge of safe abseil techniques (level 2) View details »


548 Demonstrate knowledge of the effects of alcohol and other drugs on self (level 1) View details »

7127 Make an informed choice in deciding on a major goods or service purchase (level 3) View details »

496 Produce, implement, and reflect on a plan to improve own personal wellbeing/hauora (level 1) View details »

Service Delivery

62 Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact (level 2) View details »

57 Provide customer service (level 2) View details »

378 Provide customer service for international visitors (level 3) View details »

Social and Cooperative Skills

12356 Demonstrate knowledge of consumer problems and ways to resolve them (level 3) View details »

Stock Control

28504 Receive and process inwards and returned goods in a retail or distribution facility (level 3) View details »

Te Aho Wahine

16056 Describe the changing roles for M?ori women throughout history (level 3) View details »

Te M?tauranga M?ori Wh?nui

16049 Compare the English and M?ori versions of te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Treaty of Waitangi (level 3) View details »

16030 Describe approaches to M?ori historical research (level 3) View details »

16048 Describe the development and introduction of te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi (level 2) View details »

16047 Describe the history of He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga/ Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand (level 2) View details »

16050 Explain the historical impact of te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi (level 3) View details »

30074 Explain the Treaty of Waitangi and Te Tiriti o Waitangi in legislation today (level 4) View details »

Te Whakamahi Whenua

19535 Demonstrate knowledge of a native freshwater fish and a shellfish species and its significance to M?ori (level 1) View details »

19531 Demonstrate knowledge of a native marine fish and a native marine shellfish species and its significance to M?ori (level 1) View details »

15994 Demonstrate knowledge of native freshwater and native marine plant species used for kai (level 2) View details »

15980 Demonstrate knowledge of te wh?nau marama (level 2) View details »

15982 Demonstrate knowledge of tikanga M?ori for r?kau M?ori used for kai (level 2) View details »

15975 Demonstrate knowledge of traditional M?ori ways of managing insect pests and plant diseases (level 2) View details »

15992 Explain harvesting and processing of native freshwater and native marine fish or shellfish species for kai (level 2) View details »

6145 Explain mahinga kai in relation to the way M?ori connect to, and use taonga of, the taiao (level 3) View details »

6146 Plan, carry out and evaluate a local mahinga kai activity (level 3) View details »

Te Whakamau Whenua

16068 Explain the work of the Waitangi Tribunal (level 3) View details »

Tikanga Concepts

16165 Describe a hui and the roles associated with hui (level 1) View details »

29318 Describe an initial landing and settlement of waka M?ori in Aotearoa from Hawaiki (level 2) View details »

27105 Describe and explain the separation of Ranginui and Papat??nuku (level 1) View details »

16044 Describe historical events of a hap? or iwi (level 2) View details »

16160 Describe the characteristics and actions of a selected atua (level 1) View details »

29319 Describe the deeds and roles of selected atua M?ori (level 2) View details »

16058 Describe the establishment and history of a h?hi M?ori (level 2) View details »

16054 Describe the life, achievements and impact of a M?ori leader (level 2) View details »

29316 Describe the migration from Hawaiki (level 1) View details »

27108 Describe the protocols and roles associated with p?whiri (level 1) View details »

27106 Describe whakapapa using terms associated within a family structure (level 1) View details »

16043 Examine different accounts of M?ori migration prior to P?keh? contact (level 2) View details »

16032 Examine the use of M?ori modes in transmitting M?ori history (level 3) View details »

16034 Explain M?ori and P?keh? perspectives of history (level 3) View details »

16041 Explain the place of p?r?kau or pakiwaitara in M?ori history (level 3) View details »

27129 Explain the use of karakia (level 2) View details »

16042 Explain whakapapa in relation to M?ori history (level 3) View details »

16038 Present an oral account of an event in M?ori history (level 2) View details »

16033 Utilise M?ori modes to explain an event in M?ori history (level 2) View details »

Tikanga Issues

16059 Demonstrate knowledge of the history of M?ori in politics (level 3) View details »

16053 Describe key historical events for hap? or iwi (level 3) View details »

16064 Describe racism and its relationship to legislation and how it discriminates against M?ori (level 4) View details »

16045 Describe the colonisation of M?ori (level 4) View details »

16052 Describe the dispossession of M?ori land and its effects (level 3) View details »

16063 Describe the effects of colonisation on different ethnic groups (level 4) View details »

16061 Describe the historical context and political position of an indigenous minority in their own country (level 4) View details »

16046 Describe the relationships between P?keh? and M?ori prior to 1840 (level 2) View details »

16051 Describe the wars between M?ori and P?keh? during the 1800s in accordance with ng? k?rero tuku iho (level 3) View details »

Tikanga Practices

16057 Describe the history of spiritual beliefs and practices of M?ori (level 3) View details »

16142 Describe the practices associated with a p?whiri (level 2) View details »

31505 Explain the use of karakia relevant to a kaupapa (level 2) View details »

31506 Explain the use of waiata relevant to a kaupapa (level 2) View details »

31509 Participate in the performance of a waiata tautoko (level 2) View details »

31507 Participate in the recitation of a karakia at a hui (level 2) View details »


425 Participate in a day tramp (level 1) View details »

426 Participate in an overnight camp (level 1) View details »

W?hi Tapu

6140 Explain M?ori hekenga and whakanohonoho (level 3) View details »

6144 Explain w?hi tapu in relation to how M?ori manage the environment (level 3) View details »

Weather Interpretation in the Outdoors

20159 Demonstrate knowledge of weather information for an outdoor activity (level 2) View details »