Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Cornerstone Education Limited (Tauranga)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Domain consents to assess

Actuarial Studies (to level 2)

Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (to level 5)

Adventure Based Learning (to level 3)

Algebra (to level 2)

Assessment of Learning (to level 5)

Bicycle Sales and Servicing (to level 4)

Business Administration Services (to level 3)

Business Information Processing (to level 3)

Calculus (to level 3)

Competitive Manufacturing (to level 4)

Competitive Systems and Practices (to level 4)

Cycle Touring (to level 2)

Delivery of Adult Education and Training (to level 5)

Design and Development of Adult Education and Training (to level 5)

Distribution (to level 3)

Diving - General (to level 5)

Diving - Instruction (to level 6)

Diving - Occupational (to level 4)

Diving - Recreational (to level 5)

English for Academic Purposes (to level 4)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (to level 4)

English Language (to level 4)

English Oral Language (to level 2)

Evaluation in Adult Education and Training (to level 5)

Financial Capability (to level 3)

First Aid (to level 2)

First Line Management (to level 5)

Garden Retail (to level 3)

Generic Computing (to level 2)

Geometry (to level 2)

Interpersonal Communications (to level 5)

Introductory Communication Skills (to level 1)

Jewellery Sales and Service (to level 3)

Management of Adult Education and Training (to level 5)

Manufacturing Processes (to level 4)

Mathematical Processes (to level 2)

Mathematical Studies (to level 2)

Measurement (to level 2)

Merchandising and Marketing (to level 3)

Mountain Biking (to level 3)

Number (to level 2)

Occupational Health and Safety Practice (to level 3)

Open, Flexible, and Networked Learning (to level 5)

Orienteering (to level 3)

P?ngarau (to level 2)

People Development and Coordination (to level 5)

Personal Financial Management (to level 3)

Project Management (to level 4)

Quality Management (to level 4)

Quantitative Methods (to level 2)

Reading (to level 3)

Retail - Technical Skills (to level 3)

Retail and Distribution Core Skills (to level 3)

Retail and Distribution Management (to level 3)

Retail Delicatessen (to level 3)

Retail Produce (to level 3)

Sales (to level 3)

Sales Promotion (to level 3)

Sales Transactions (to level 3)

Self-Management (to level 3)

Selling Skills (to level 3)

Service Sector - Core Skills (to level 3)

Service Sector Skills (to level 3)

Social and Cooperative Skills (to level 2)

Stock Control (to level 3)

Systems and Resources Management (to level 5)

Tramping (to level 3)

Trigonometry (to level 2)

Wholesale (to level 3)

Windsurfing (to level 4)

Work and Study Skills (to level 4)

Writing (to level 4)

Standard consents to assess

Adventure Based Learning

24665 Facilitate adventure programmes for the personal and social development of the participants (level 5) View details »

24666 Instruct a programme using low ropes course activities (level 5) View details »


438 Demonstrate basic movement skills and build a snow shelter on low-angled mountain terrain (level 2) View details »

Assessment of Learning

11551 Moderate assessment (level 5) View details »

Basic Residential Property Maintenance

25065 Perform basic residential electrical maintenance under supervision (level 2) View details »

Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills

24351 Demonstrate knowledge of and use fixed machinery in the construction of BCATS projects (level 2) View details »

12927 Demonstrate knowledge of, select, maintain, and use hand tools for BCATS projects (level 2) View details »

24350 Identify, select, use and maintain portable power tools for BCATS projects (level 2) View details »

25064 Perform basic residential carpentry maintenance under supervision (level 2) View details »

25062 Perform basic residential cleaning under supervision (level 2) View details »

22040 Perform basic residential flooring maintenance under supervision (level 2) View details »

25066 Perform basic residential glazing maintenance under supervision (level 2) View details »

21973 Perform basic residential grounds maintenance under supervision (level 2) View details »

25067 Perform basic residential painting and decorating under supervision (level 2) View details »

25069 Perform basic residential roofing maintenance under supervision (level 2) View details »

24357 Receive instructions and communicate information in relation to BCATS projects (level 2) View details »

Business Administration Services

1986 Apply calculations, analyse and interpret data, and produce information for an organisation (level 4) View details »

21866 Demonstrate and apply knowledge to provide medical administration services (level 4) View details »

21867 Process medical records and related information using a computerised patient database (level 4) View details »

Canoeing - Kayaking

20818 Demonstrate paddling a craft on flat water (level 1) View details »

19428 Demonstrate sea kayaking skills on coastal water (level 3) View details »

31783 Plan, prepare, lead and evaluate an introductory canoeing activity on flat water (level 4) View details »

476 Roll a decked paddle craft on flat water (level 2) View details »


22145 Store and prepare materials for use on construction sites (level 3) View details »


20133 Demonstrate basic caving skills (level 2) View details »

448 Participate in introductory caving (level 1) View details »

Civil Defence Operation

528 Demonstrate survival techniques for a Civil Defence emergency (level 2) View details »

Community Support Services

27833 Support people to use assistive equipment and move in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

Competitive Systems and Practices

21530 Analyse and map a value stream in an organisation using competitive systems and practices (level 5) View details »

Computer Support

29798 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate a range of common hardware and software problems (level 3) View details »

29784 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate simple or routine hardware, software and connectivity problems (level 2) View details »

Construction Health and Safety, and Injury Prevention

21209 Demonstrate knowledge of and apply health and safety procedures for a building construction site (level 2) View details »

Delivery of Adult Education and Training

7097 Facilitate learner-led, interactive learning sessions for adult learners (level 6) View details »

First Aid

6400 Manage first aid in an emergency situation (level 3) View details »

6401 Provide first aid (level 2) View details »

Food and Related Product Production

24527 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the work environment in the food and related product processing industry (level 2) View details »

24528 Demonstrate knowledge of food processing industry workplace hygiene and food safety requirements (level 2) View details »

Food and Related Product Production Line Operation

7758 Identify product and packaging faults on food or related products production lines (level 2) View details »

Food and Related Product Quality

24529 Demonstrate knowledge of the basic food and/or related products processing quality requirements (level 2) View details »

Food Safety

20666 Demonstrate basic knowledge of contamination hazards and control methods used in a food business (level 2) View details »

168 Demonstrate knowledge of food contamination hazards, and control methods used in a food establishment (level 3) View details »

167 Practise food safety methods in a food business under supervision (level 2) View details »

Gas Network Construction

30374 Carry out flow stopping operations using squeeze-offs on a gas pipeline (level 4) View details »

Hazardous Substances and Materials

31291 Demonstrate knowledge of hazardous substances relevant to Certified Handlers (level 5) View details »

31290 Demonstrate knowledge of the safe management and potential adverse effects of hazardous substances in the workplace (level 4) View details »

31293 Demonstrate safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous substances in the workplace (level 4) View details »

Health and Disability Principles in Practice

1818 Describe the value of relationships and support for healthy relationships for a person in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

Health Education

91236 Evaluate factors that influence people's ability to manage change (level 2) View details »

High Wires and High Ropes

473 Demonstrate safe practices for participation in high ropes course activities (level 2) View details »

31549 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of safety and emergency procedures for a high ropes course (level 5) View details »

470 Participate in low ropes course activities (level 1) View details »

Management of Adult Education and Training

7092 Formulate a proposal for adult education and training (level 6) View details »

7112 Support and promote the adult training and development function within an organisation (level 6) View details »

Meat Retail Butchery

26282 Produce rolled poultry meat products for sale (level 3) View details »

30047 Select and mince meat in a retail meat operation (level 3) View details »

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

15189 Implement a health and safety plan for a workplace (level 4) View details »


5482 Complete red orienteering or rogaine courses (level 3) View details »

Outdoor Experiences

428 Demonstrate tramping skills for multi-night tramping as a member of a group (level 3) View details »

Outdoor First Aid

424 Assess and manage an emergency care situation during an outdoor recreation activity (level 3) View details »

Outdoor Management

30689 Demonstrate knowledge of the leadership role in outdoor recreation activities (level 4) View details »

Project Management

21336 Lead a team to achieve a project outcome (level 5) View details »


485 Participate in an introductory rafting experience (level 2) View details »

Recreation and Sport - Core Skills

29848 Demonstrate knowledge of the health and safety procedures and practices in a recreation workplace (level 3) View details »

Retail - Technical Skills

26557 Select approved child restraints for installation, rental or sale, and install them (level 4) View details »

Rock Climbing

20157 Demonstrate novice rock climbing and belaying skills on Ewbank Grade 12 and above (level 2) View details »

Sea Survival and Sea Safety

26542 Demonstrate basic knowledge of the operation of pleasure craft by day (level 2) View details »

26541 Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of small craft in sight of land (level 3) View details »


9696 Solve a complex problem using a problem-solving model (level 4) View details »

Sensory Support

28526 Apply knowledge of vision and hearing screening results for tamariki/children in a health or wellbeing setting (level 4) View details »

28527 Carry out vision and hearing screening tests for tamariki/children in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

23375 Describe hearing impairment and support services that are specific to people with a hearing impairment (level 3) View details »

24895 Describe the visual system and vision impairment and support services that are specific to people with vision impairment (level 3) View details »

23377 Use visual strategies for communicating with Deaf and hearing impaired people (level 3) View details »

Service Delivery

11815 Answer customer enquiries on the telephone in a wide range of contexts (level 3) View details »

11818 Demonstrate and apply product or service knowledge in a service delivery workplace (level 3) View details »

376 Employ customer service techniques to accommodate customer behavioural styles in a workplace (level 3) View details »

62 Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact (level 2) View details »

57 Provide customer service (level 2) View details »

378 Provide customer service for international visitors (level 3) View details »

11816 Respond to customer enquiries by writing in a range of contexts (level 3) View details »

Skiing and Snowboarding

4601 Demonstrate beginner Nordic skiing skills on beginner Nordic terrain (level 2) View details »

17468 Demonstrate beginner skiing skills on green terrain at a snowsport area (level 1) View details »

4596 Demonstrate beginner snowboard skills on green terrain at a snowsport area (level 1) View details »

4591 Demonstrate intermediate skiing skills on blue terrain at a snowsport area (level 2) View details »

4597 Demonstrate intermediate snowboard skills on blue terrain at a snowsport area (level 2) View details »

Social and Cooperative Skills

12356 Demonstrate knowledge of consumer problems and ways to resolve them (level 3) View details »

Supported Learning - Personal, Community and Work Skills

29299 Access and use facilities and services in the community (level 1) View details »

29310 Apply basic skills and practices in a workplace context (level 1) View details »

29301 Demonstrate strategies to ensure personal safety (level 1) View details »

29300 Maintain hauora - personal health and well-being (level 1) View details »

29305 Set personal goals and carry out a plan designed to achieve personal goals (level 1) View details »

29308 Use functional numeracy skills in a range of day-to-day contexts (level 1) View details »

Weather Interpretation in the Outdoors

20159 Demonstrate knowledge of weather information for an outdoor activity (level 2) View details »

32876 Demonstrate knowledge of weather processes and weather conditions for outdoor recreation in New Zealand (level 3) View details »