Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Anamata Charitable Trust (Whakatane)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Sub-field consents to assess

Reo M?ori (to level 7)

Social Services (to level 7)

Tikanga (to level 7)

Domain consents to assess

Accommodation Services (to level 1)

Agribusiness Management (to level 2)

Algebra (to level 2)

Basic Residential Property Maintenance (to level 2)

Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills (to level 2)

Business Administration Services (to level 4)

Business Information Management (to level 3)

Business Information Processing (to level 4)

Cattle Farming (to level 2)

Community Support Services (to level 2)

Community Support Services (to level 2)

Cookery (to level 1)

Core Health (to level 3)

Dairy Farming (to level 2)

Deer Farming (to level 2)

Elementary Construction Skills (to level 2)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (to level 3)

English Language (to level 3)

English Oral Language (to level 4)

English Visual Language (to level 2)

English Written Language (to level 3)

Farming Skills (to level 2)

Fencing (to level 2)

Finance - M?ori (to level 4)

Financial Capability (to level 3)

First Aid (to level 3)

Food and Beverage Service (to level 1)

Food Safety (to level 1)

Food Technology and Nutrition (to level 2)

General Agriculture (to level 2)

Generic Computing (to level 4)

Geometry (to level 2)

Goat Farming (to level 2)

Guest Services (to level 1)

Health and Disability Principles in Practice (to level 2)

Hospitality - Foundation Skills (to level 1)

Hospitality Operations (to level 1)

Interpersonal Communications (to level 4)

Introductory Communication Skills (to level 3)

Legal Studies (to level 3)

M?ori Management - Generic (to level 4)

M?ori Management In M?ori Organisations (to level 4)

M?ori Office Systems (to level 4)

M?ori Performance (to level 2)

Mathematical Processes (to level 2)

Mathematical Studies (to level 2)

Measurement (to level 1)

Number (to level 1)

Occupational Health and Safety Practice (to level 1)

Older Persons' Health and Wellbeing (to level 2)

Personal Financial Management (to level 3)

Pest Control (to level 2)

Physical Education (to level 2)

Plant Pest, Weed, and Disease Control (to level 2)

Practical Art (to level 2)

Reading (to level 3)

Retail and Distribution Core Skills (to level 2)

Retail and Distribution Management (to level 2)

Sales (to level 2)

Sales Transactions (to level 2)

Self-Management (to level 3)

Selling Skills (to level 2)

Service Sector - Core Skills (to level 3)

Service Sector Skills (to level 2)

Shearing (to level 2)

Sheep Farming (to level 2)

Social and Cooperative Skills (to level 3)

Statistics (to level 2)

Te Ao Haka (to level 2)

Toi Whakairo (to level 2)

Trigonometry (to level 2)

Wholesale (to level 2)

Wool Handling (to level 2)

Work and Study Skills (to level 3)

Writing (to level 3)

Standard consents to assess

Business Administration Services

21863 Provide and evaluate management administrative services (level 4) View details »


24381 Demonstrate knowledge of constructing floor framing, flooring, and decking (level 3) View details »

24380 Demonstrate knowledge of constructing pile foundations (level 3) View details »

13002 Demonstrate knowledge of timber use in construction (level 3) View details »

13009 Demonstrate knowledge of using reinforcing steel for construction (level 3) View details »

22145 Store and prepare materials for use on construction sites (level 3) View details »

Carpentry Theory

12998 Demonstrate knowledge of carpentry hand tools (level 3) View details »

12999 Demonstrate knowledge of timber machining equipment used on construction sites (level 3) View details »

Civil Defence Operation

528 Demonstrate survival techniques for a Civil Defence emergency (level 2) View details »

Community Support Services

26980 Provide comfort cares, and report changes in the condition of a person with a life-limiting condition (level 3) View details »

23386 Support a person to meet personal care needs in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

27833 Support people to use assistive equipment and move in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

Computer Support

29798 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate a range of common hardware and software problems (level 3) View details »

29784 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate simple or routine hardware, software and connectivity problems (level 2) View details »

English Language

30999 Read and understand moderately complex texts (EL) (level 4) View details »

English Visual Language

91480 Respond critically to significant aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close reading, supported by evidence (level 3) View details »

Farming Skills

18 Demonstrate knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology (level 3) View details »

19115 Handle and move livestock (level 3) View details »


24837 Describe non-electric fence types and components (level 3) View details »

24828 Hang a pre-built gate (level 3) View details »

24826 Install and nail a rail panel (level 3) View details »

37 Install fencing wire (level 3) View details »

36 Select fencing support materials (level 3) View details »

General Agriculture

23543 Describe compliance requirements, and develop a health and safety plan, for a rural workplace (level 4) View details »

23542 Describe personal and external factors, and strategies to manage factors, that contribute to injury in a rural workplace (level 3) View details »

Health and Disability Principles in Practice

28535 Demonstrate knowledge of procedures for infection control in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

27885 Describe practitioner relationships, group process roles, and responsibilities in a health or wellbeing setting (level 4) View details »

Health Education

91236 Evaluate factors that influence people's ability to manage change (level 2) View details »

Home Economics

91301 Analyse beliefs, attitudes and practices related to a nutritional issue for families in New Zealand (level 2) View details »

91299 Analyse issues related to the provision of food for people with specific food needs (level 2) View details »

91304 Evaluate health promoting strategies designed to address a nutritional need (level 2) View details »

91302 Evaluate sustainable food related practices (level 2) View details »

Hospitality - Foundation Skills

19771 Prepare, cook and present seafood in the hospitality industry (level 2) View details »

Livestock Husbandry

28971 Describe livestock reproductive processes and practices (level 3) View details »

Older Persons' Health and Wellbeing

23923 Demonstrate knowledge of dementia (level 4) View details »

32416 Demonstrate knowledge of support for family, wh?nau, and care partners of people living with dementia (level 4) View details »

23920 Demonstrate knowledge of support for people living with dementia (level 4) View details »

23387 Describe the ageing process and its effects on a person's lifestyle and wellbeing (level 3) View details »

23921 Support people living with dementia (level 4) View details »

Plant Pest, Weed, and Disease Control

21563 Describe hazard classification systems, and the safe and responsible use of agrichemicals (level 3) View details »

27208 Identify and describe plant pests, diseases, and disorders, and methods of prevention and control (level 3) View details »

27210 Identify and describe weeds, and methods of prevention and control (level 3) View details »

Primary Sector Core Skills

31656 Demonstrate knowledge of safe work practices in a primary industry operation (level 2) View details »

19136 Demonstrate the social requirements for family living in a primary industry context (level 1) View details »

19145 Describe hydration, nutrition, and sleep in relation to physical well-being of primary industry workers (level 2) View details »

19137 Describe the opportunities, advantages, and disadvantages of primary industry employment (level 1) View details »

19138 Describe weather, climate and micro-climate characteristics, and interpret weather maps for a primary industry operation (level 2) View details »

19143 Perform calculations in a primary industry context (level 2) View details »

Project Management

21336 Lead a team to achieve a project outcome (level 5) View details »

30362 Lead aspects of a project(s) under broad guidance (level 4) View details »


9696 Solve a complex problem using a problem-solving model (level 4) View details »

Service Delivery

11815 Answer customer enquiries on the telephone in a wide range of contexts (level 3) View details »

11818 Demonstrate and apply product or service knowledge in a service delivery workplace (level 3) View details »

376 Employ customer service techniques to accommodate customer behavioural styles in a workplace (level 3) View details »

62 Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact (level 2) View details »

57 Provide customer service (level 2) View details »

378 Provide customer service for international visitors (level 3) View details »

11816 Respond to customer enquiries by writing in a range of contexts (level 3) View details »

Sheep Farming

19146 Carry out wool shed tasks during shearing operations (level 2) View details »

19149 Describe lambing, and the procedures for assisting ewes having difficulty lambing (level 3) View details »

Te Ara Nunumi - ?-Kiko

21433 Explain the roles of wh?nau pani, kirimate and hauk?inga in relation to tangihanga in accordance with tikanga (level 3) View details »

21434 Explain tikanga associated with the placement of t?p?paku and taonga on the marae (level 3) View details »

Te Ara Nunumi - ?-Mahara

23641 Describe hahu t?p?paku in accordance with tikanga (level 2) View details »

21436 Explain tikanga in relation to kawe mate, in customary and contemporary contexts (level 4) View details »

23640 Explain tikanga practised by the hauk?inga and the wh?nau pani in relation to hura k?hatu in a contemporary context (level 2) View details »

Te Ara Nunumi - ?-Wairua

27144 Describe the term 'mate' (level 2) View details »

Te M?tauranga M?ori Wh?nui

16049 Compare the English and M?ori versions of te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Treaty of Waitangi (level 3) View details »

16048 Describe the development and introduction of te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi (level 2) View details »

16047 Describe the history of He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga/ Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand (level 2) View details »

3699 Discuss M?ori human development (level 3) View details »

16050 Explain the historical impact of te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi (level 3) View details »

Wh?nau Ora and Community Support

28537 Undertake self-care to maintain and enhance personal wellness in a health or wellbeing setting (level 4) View details »


11095 Write business correspondence to convey complex ideas and/or information (level 3) View details »