Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

National Trade Academy Limited (Christchurch)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Sub-field consents to assess

Agriculture (to level 6)

Communication Skills (to level 2)

Core Generic (to level 4)

Forestry (to level 4)

Mathematics (to level 2)

Primary Sector (to level 6)

Domain consents to assess

Amenity Horticulture (to level 4)

Animal Care (to level 2)

Equine Care (to level 5)

Equine Health (to level 5)

Equine Husbandry (to level 3)

Equine Industry (to level 5)

Equine Training (to level 5)

Equitation (to level 5)

Farriery (to level 3)

Floriculture (to level 4)

Fruit Production (to level 2)

Interpersonal Communications (to level 3)

Landscape (to level 4)

Nursery Production (to level 4)

Occupational Health and Safety Practice (to level 2)

P?ngarau (to level 2)

Pest Control (to level 4)

Physical Education (to level 2)

Production Horticulture (to level 4)

Riding for the Disabled (to level 5)

Saddlery (to level 4)

Service Sector - Core Skills (to level 3)

Tramping (to level 4)

Vegetable Production (to level 4)

Viticulture (to level 4)

Weather Interpretation in the Outdoors (to level 4)

Wool Classing (to level 3)

Wool Handling (to level 2)

Standard consents to assess

Amenity Horticulture

2765 Plant trees or shrubs under close supervision (level 2) View details »

Animal Care

5189 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of health and safety in an animal facility (level 3) View details »

21358 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of parasites affecting horses and production animals (level 4) View details »

5180 Demonstrate knowledge of companion animal anatomy, cells, body tissues and systems (level 3) View details »

31500 Describe and apply emergency care of injured animal patients (level 3) View details »

31504 Describe and apply the Animal Welfare Act 1999 for animals in an animal facility (level 3) View details »

21380 Describe animal facility environmental hygiene and carry out hygienic practices (level 3) View details »

19894 Describe zoonoses, notifiable exotic zoonoses, and their control, in New Zealand (level 3) View details »

5148 Identify, handle, and care for cats (level 3) View details »

7337 Identify, handle, and care for dogs (level 3) View details »

5149 Monitor health and provide husbandry for rabbits and rodents (level 3) View details »

5222 Recognise and interpret problems of behaviour in companion animals (level 5) View details »

14377 Recognise normal and abnormal behaviour and conditions in animals (level 4) View details »

Animal Handling

5183 Handle and transport injured companion animals (level 3) View details »

Animal Husbandry

19540 Demonstrate knowledge of basic animal husbandry (level 3) View details »

5163 Demonstrate knowledge of, and respond to client requests for advice on, companion animal breeding (level 4) View details »

5165 Describe parturition and after care of companion animals (level 3) View details »


31184 Demonstrate understanding of pruning trees and shrubs in arboriculture situations (level 3) View details »

2766 Maintain amenity trees and shrubs (level 3) View details »

31187 Prune young amenity trees and shrubs from the ground and above ground in arboriculture situations (level 3) View details »

Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills

12927 Demonstrate knowledge of, select, maintain, and use, hand tools for BCATS projects (level 2) View details »

Compliance and Regulatory Control

14545 Demonstrate knowledge of vertebrate pest management methods (level 2) View details »

19584 Demonstrate knowledge of vertebrate pest monitoring methods (level 4) View details »

14543 Destroy vertebrate pests by fumigation for pest management (level 4) View details »

14541 Destroy vertebrate pests using night shooting for pest management (level 3) View details »

14542 Destroy vertebrate pests using toxins by ground control for pest management (level 3) View details »

14540 Destroy vertebrate pests using traps for pest management (level 2) View details »

Equine Care

1596 Gear up and drive standardbred horses in trackwork, and attend to horses after trackwork (level 3) View details »

1629 Ride thoroughbred racehorses in pacework as instructed by the trainer (level 3) View details »

Financial Skills

26368 Describe business-related services offered by financial institutions and select services for a New Zealand entity (level 4) View details »

1874 Prepare IRD employer reporting documentation for PAYE, FBT and GST (level 3) View details »

Forestry Business Management

4298 Research key elements of the forest industry and identify opportunities for forest optimisation (level 5) View details »

Harness Racing

1602 Demonstrate knowledge of the harness racing industry structure (level 2) View details »

1600 Represent and/or assist an owner at harness raceday or trials (level 4) View details »

1598 Select and fit gear for individual standardbred horses (level 4) View details »

Hazardous Substances and Materials

31291 Demonstrate knowledge of hazardous substances relevant to Certified Handlers (level 5) View details »

31293 Demonstrate safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous substances in the workplace (level 4) View details »

Health Education

91236 Evaluate factors that influence people's ability to manage change (level 2) View details »


31088 Plan, and prepare a quote for, the on-site maintenance of a landscape design (level 5) View details »

Merchandising and Marketing

11951 Present goods for sale in a retail or distribution environment (level 2) View details »

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

30265 Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role (level 3) View details »

17459 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of safe manual handling practices in the workplace (level 3) View details »

21337 Demonstrate knowledge of sleep and sleep management in relation to work performance (level 3) View details »

22316 Demonstrate knowledge of the management of drug and alcohol-related problems in the workplace (level 3) View details »

25048 Handle dangerous and hazardous goods in a specific workplace (level 3) View details »

25043 Lockout and reinstate machinery in the workplace (level 3) View details »

19522 Undertake job safety analysis (level 3) View details »

Outdoor Experiences

428 Demonstrate tramping skills for multi-night tramping as a member of a group (level 3) View details »

Outdoor Navigation

431 Navigate in good visibility on land (level 2) View details »

432 Navigate in poor visibility on land (level 4) View details »

People Development and Coordination

16614 Apply time management concepts and methods in business situations (level 4) View details »

8495 Develop self to improve own performance in an organisation (level 4) View details »

Pest Monitoring

30081 Prepare for and carry out rural pest animal population survey monitoring (level 3) View details »

Retail and Distribution Core Skills

27229 Respond to customer complaints in a retail or distribution environment during customer interactions (level 3) View details »


26862 Negotiate sales in one-on-one situations (level 3) View details »

Sales Transactions

11831 Apply skills and qualities of a salesperson in a retail or distribution environment (level 3) View details »

Service Delivery

11815 Answer customer enquiries on the telephone in a wide range of contexts (level 3) View details »

11818 Demonstrate and apply product and/or service knowledge (level 3) View details »

376 Employ customer service techniques to accommodate customer behavioural styles in a workplace (level 3) View details »

62 Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact (level 2) View details »

57 Provide customer service (level 2) View details »

378 Provide customer service for international visitors (level 3) View details »

11816 Respond to customer enquiries by writing in a range of contexts (level 3) View details »

Specialist Driving Knowledge and Skills

20848 Demonstrate knowledge of and skills for driving a light 4WD vehicle on road (level 3) View details »

17976 Demonstrate knowledge of operating a light 4WD vehicle in an off-road environment (level 3) View details »

17977 Develop a plan for off-road light 4WD vehicle driving (level 3) View details »

20620 Develop a recovery plan and safely recover a light 4WD vehicle (level 3) View details »

8638 Drive on snow and/or ice (level 3) View details »

18138 Fit and remove vehicle chains (level 2) View details »

17978 Operate a light 4WD vehicle in an off-road environment (level 3) View details »

Stock Control

28500 Maintain stock in a retail or distribution facility (level 3) View details »

Thoroughbred Racing

1632 Demonstrate knowledge of the thoroughbred racing industry structure (level 2) View details »

Veterinary Nursing

5181 Provide emergency first aid care to companion animals (level 5) View details »

5182 Provide emergency first aid care to large animals (level 4) View details »