Education Organisation's details

Education Organisation's details

Horowhenua Learning Centre Trust (Levin)

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This organisation may not be currently assessing standards in all areas of the DAS that are listed below. To confirm what is currently delivered and assessed, contact the organisation or visit its web site.

Sub-field consents to assess

Accounting (to level 3)

Business Administration (to level 3)

Communication Skills (to level 5)

Community Recreation (to level 2)

Mathematics (to level 1)

Outdoor Recreation (to level 2)

Recreation and Sport (to level 2)

Retail, Distribution, and Sales (to level 2)

Service Sector Skills (to level 2)

Snowsport (to level 2)

Supported Learning (to level 1)

Domain consents to assess

Accommodation Services (to level 3)

Agricultural and Horticultural Science (to level 3)

Bicycle Sales and Servicing (to level 4)

Blindness, Deafblindness and Vision Impairment (to level 4)

Business Administration Services (to level 4)

Business Information Management (to level 4)

Business Information Processing (to level 4)

Community Support Services (to level 4)

Community Support Services (to level 4)

Cookery (to level 3)

Core Driving Knowledge and Skills (to level 1)

Digital Technologies (to level 1)

Early Childhood: Educational Theory and Practice (to level 3)

Early Childhood: Family, Wh?nau, Community, and Society (to level 3)

Early Childhood: Home Based Caregiver Management (to level 3)

Early Childhood: Professional Practice (to level 3)

Empowering People with Disabilities (to level 4)

English for Academic Purposes (to level 5)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (to level 5)

English Language (to level 5)

Financial Capability (to level 3)

First Aid (to level 2)

Food and Beverage Service (to level 3)

Food Safety (to level 3)

Generic Computing (to level 3)

Guest Services (to level 5)

Health and Disability Principles in Practice (to level 4)

Hospitality - Foundation Skills (to level 1)

Hospitality Operations (to level 3)

Human Services (to level 4)

Legal Studies (to level 2)

M?ori Office Systems (to level 4)

Older Persons' Health and Wellbeing (to level 4)

P?ngarau (to level 1)

Personal Financial Management (to level 3)

Practical and Professional Skills for Disability Support (to level 4)

Security Staff Services (to level 4)

Self-Management (to level 3)

Service Delivery (to level 3)

Services, Resources and Communication for Disability Support (to level 4)

Social and Cooperative Skills (to level 3)

Supporting People with Disabilities (to level 3)

Visitor Services (to level 2)

Work and Study Skills (to level 3)

Standard consents to assess

Accommodation Services

27937 Prepare for and supervise accommodation operations in a hotel (level 5) View details »

Alpine Resort Operations

29487 Demonstrate knowledge of safe working procedures and practices in an alpine resort operation (level 3) View details »

29489 Demonstrate knowledge of the features, operations and contribution of an alpine resort (level 3) View details »

Apparel and Textile Manufacturing - Workplace Skills

17915 Demonstrate knowledge of safe working practices in the apparel or textile industry (level 2) View details »

Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills

29680 Communicate and work collaboratively in a Stage 3 BCATS project (level 3) View details »

Canoeing - Kayaking

489 Demonstrate sea kayaking skills on sheltered or slow-moving water (level 2) View details »

20128 Roll a sea kayak (level 2) View details »


21015 Assemble wall frames in a controlled environment (level 3) View details »

24397 Construct floor framing and flooring on site (level 3) View details »

13045 Construct formwork for footings, foundations and walls up to 1.2 metres on site (level 3) View details »

24396 Construct pile foundations on site (level 3) View details »

13043 Excavate and prepare for footings and slab on ground on site (level 3) View details »

13046 Fabricate and place reinforcing steel and steel mesh on site (level 3) View details »

13037 Safely use and maintain carpentry hand tools on site (level 3) View details »

13039 Safely use and maintain portable power tools and attachments for construction work on site (level 3) View details »

13042 Set up levelling equipment and take levels on construction sites (level 4) View details »

Carpentry Theory

12998 Demonstrate knowledge of carpentry hand tools (level 3) View details »

24364 Demonstrate knowledge of compliance with building legislation (level 3) View details »

24388 Demonstrate knowledge of cutting, fitting and fixing interior linings and trim (level 4) View details »

13017 Demonstrate knowledge of fixing exterior claddings (level 4) View details »

13010 Demonstrate knowledge of making and placing concrete (level 3) View details »

13000 Demonstrate knowledge of portable power tools used on construction sites (level 3) View details »

13006 Demonstrate knowledge of preparation for footings and slab on ground construction (level 4) View details »

13031 Demonstrate knowledge of regulations and precautions for demolition work (level 3) View details »

13004 Demonstrate knowledge of setting out a building (level 4) View details »

24382 Demonstrate knowledge of setting out, assembling and erecting timber and steel wall frames (level 4) View details »

21211 Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of, and methods used in weatherproofing buildings (level 3) View details »

13002 Demonstrate knowledge of timber used in construction (level 3) View details »

24362 Demonstrate knowledge of working drawings and specifications for building work (level 3) View details »

24378 Perform building calculations (level 3) View details »

Catering Services

22885 Apply knowledge of menu adaptation and resource requirements for preparing food for catering services (level 3) View details »

27945 Apply menu requirements to catering services production (level 4) View details »

27951 Provide trayline services for a catering services operation (level 3) View details »

Civil Defence Operation

528 Demonstrate survival techniques for a Civil Defence emergency (level 2) View details »

Community Support Services

24657 Develop a support plan with a person in a health, disability, or community setting (level 5) View details »

Computer Support

29798 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate a range of common hardware and software problems (level 3) View details »

29784 Troubleshoot, fix and escalate simple or routine computing and connectivity problems (level 2) View details »


13319 Prepare and bake dough products in a commercial kitchen (level 4) View details »

13336 Prepare and cook hot cocktail food in a commercial kitchen (level 4) View details »

19840 Prepare and cook p?t?s, terrines, and mousses in a commercial kitchen (level 4) View details »

13329 Prepare and finish marinades, dressings, cold sauces, and dips in a commercial kitchen (level 4) View details »

13333 Prepare and present cold cocktail food in a commercial kitchen (level 4) View details »

Core Construction

12997 Demonstrate knowledge of safe working practices on construction sites (level 3) View details »

Core Driving Knowledge and Skills

17676 Carry out a pre-start vehicle check on a vehicle or machine, and start and shut down the vehicle or machine (level 2) View details »

3462 Demonstrate knowledge of traffic law for the purpose of safe driving (level 2) View details »

3465 Describe driving hazards and crash risk reduction strategies and responses to driving hazards (level 2) View details »

3467 Describe dynamics, and techniques for managing dynamics, of light motor vehicles (level 2) View details »

Core Health

23374 Describe autism and support strategies to assist a person with autism (level 3) View details »

Core Yarn Processing

19841 Demonstrate elementary knowledge of the operations, processes and products of textile manufacturing (level 2) View details »

Early Childhood: Educational Theory and Practice

26710 Demonstrate knowledge of child behaviours and investigate and apply strategies to guide child behaviours in ECE services (level 5) View details »

10019 Describe and contribute to safe practices and a safe environment for children in an ECE service (level 3) View details »

Early Childhood: Professional Practice

29879 Describe societal influences, practices and legislative requirements that support child protection in an ECE service (level 4) View details »

29880 Describe the roles and responsibilities, administration and reporting requirements, and funding for an ECE service (level 4) View details »

Elementary Scaffolding

13016 Demonstrate knowledge of the erection and dismantling of scaffolding up to five metres in height (level 3) View details »

Environmental Tourism M?ori

31071 Identify and explain the cultural significance of natural and man-made attractions in tourism M?ori (level 3) View details »

Fabric Finishing

2914 Apply chemicals to fabric by padding (level 3) View details »

2915 Hydro fabric (level 2) View details »

2922 Process fabric on a high temperature decatising machine (level 2) View details »

2918 Process fabric on a raising machine (level 3) View details »

2917 Process fabric on a stenter or a tenter (level 3) View details »

Farming Skills

24637 Demonstrate knowledge of the modification of plant processes to optimise plant production (level 4) View details »

Financial Skills

1852 Prepare a revenue statement and balance sheet (level 4) View details »

1874 Prepare IRD employer reporting documentation for PAYE, FBT and GST (level 3) View details »

First Aid

6400 Manage first aid in an emergency situation (level 3) View details »

6402 Provide basic life support (level 1) View details »

6401 Provide first aid (level 2) View details »

Fitness Education

505 Manage personal physical fitness with guidance (level 1) View details »

Food and Beverage Service

4638 Demonstrate knowledge of imported wines (level 4) View details »

4637 Demonstrate knowledge of New Zealand wines and wine producers (level 4) View details »

22912 Evaluate wine (level 4) View details »

27953 Monitor food service staff to ensure the provision of hospitality sales and service opportunities to customers (level 4) View details »

21853 Provide hospitality sales and service opportunities to customers (level 3) View details »

Food Safety

15275 Monitor staff under a food control plan in a food-related establishment (level 4) View details »

Forest Operations

6916 Demonstrate knowledge of the rules relating to chainsaw use (level 2) View details »

43 Maintain a chainsaw (level 3) View details »

General Agriculture

24544 Analyse soil health status, and determine on-farm strategies for improvement (level 4) View details »

Health Education

91236 Evaluate factors that influence people's ability to manage change (level 2) View details »

Hospitality - Foundation Skills

19771 Prepare, cook and present seafood in the hospitality industry (level 2) View details »

Hospitality - Gambling

18173 Control money and handle cash in a Class 4 gambling environment (level 3) View details »

21499 Demonstrate knowledge of problem gambling in a Class 4 and Racing Act gambling establishment (level 3) View details »

18172 Maintain gaming machine hardware and security in a Class 4 gambling environment (level 3) View details »

18174 Produce Weekly and Unpaid Prize Reports, and process banking in a Class 4 gambling environment (level 2) View details »

18176 Provide gaming machine information to customers in a Class 4 gambling environment (level 2) View details »

18179 Supervise jackpot systems for gaming machines in a Class 4 gambling environment (level 3) View details »

Hospitality - Generic

14466 Demonstrate knowledge of maintaining a safe and secure environment for people in the hospitality industry (level 2) View details »

14469 Provide customers with information about an establishment in the hospitality industry (level 2) View details »

Hospitality - Specific Skills

16705 Demonstrate knowledge of host responsibility requirements as a duty manager of licensed premises (level 4) View details »

4645 Demonstrate knowledge of maintaining a responsible drinking environment as a server in licensed premises (level 3) View details »

22604 Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements of a doorperson in the hospitality industry (level 3) View details »

4646 Demonstrate knowledge of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and its implications for licensed premises (level 4) View details »

Hospitality Management

14417 Perform the night audit function in a commercial hospitality environment (level 5) View details »

Knitting Machine Operation

16123 Carry out remedial adjustments and quality checks on industrial knitting machines (level 3) View details »

16122 Operate industrial knitting machines (level 3) View details »

Knitting Machine Servicing and Maintenance

4495 Demonstrate knowledge of the cam actions of weft-knitting latch needle machines (level 3) View details »

Knitting Machine Technical Servicing

4793 Check knitted production for quality (level 3) View details »

Mountain Craft

439 Demonstrate overnight expedition skills in a mountain environment (level 3) View details »

Non Commercial Forestry Skills

6917 Demonstrate basic chainsaw operation (level 2) View details »

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements (level 1) View details »

Outdoor Equipment

13376 Apply knowledge of clothing and accessories for outdoor activities (level 3) View details »

Parks and Reserves

20838 Demonstrate basic construction skills in a park area (level 3) View details »

Primary Sector Core Skills

22174 Demonstrate knowledge of soils and fertilisers (level 2) View details »

4 Maintain hand tools and service small engines used in a primary industry operation (level 2) View details »

Production Horticulture

22175 Describe soil properties and their effect on plant growth (level 3) View details »

44 Establish and maintain shelter (level 2) View details »

22176 Maintain horticultural property structures (level 2) View details »

Project Management

21336 Lead a team to achieve a project outcome (level 5) View details »

30362 Lead aspects of a project(s) under broad guidance (level 4) View details »

Racing Operations

25850 Carry out administration duties in a TAB retail outlet (level 4) View details »

25846 Operate and maintain a TAB retail outlet for the racing industry (level 3) View details »


26553 Demonstrate knowledge of radio broadcasting (level 2) View details »

26554 Demonstrate knowledge of radio broadcasting law (level 2) View details »

10313 Plan and broadcast a radio programme using an automated system (level 2) View details »

10319 Write a voice report for radio (level 2) View details »

Recreation and Sport - Coaching and Instruction

31675 Demonstrate knowledge of the role and responsibilities of a coach, and of coaching beginner-level sport participants (level 3) View details »

Recreation and Sport - Programmes and Events

21414 Plan and run a recreation activity (level 3) View details »

Retail - Technical Skills

26556 Demonstrate knowledge of child restraints to provide advice for installation, rental or sale (level 3) View details »

Retail and Distribution Core Skills

12003 Demonstrate knowledge of buying processes in a retail or distribution environment (level 3) View details »

24999 Explain practices to detect and reduce staff theft and fraud in a retail or distribution environment (level 3) View details »

11978 Maintain housekeeping in a retail environment (level 2) View details »

28299 Prepare cash for banking in a retail environment (level 3) View details »

27229 Respond to customer complaints in a retail or distribution environment during customer interactions (level 3) View details »


9696 Apply a problem-solving model (level 4) View details »

548 Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of alcohol and other drugs (level 1) View details »

496 Produce, implement, and reflect on a plan to improve own personal wellbeing (level 1) View details »

Service Delivery

378 Provide customer service for international visitors (level 3) View details »

Sheep Farming

19161 Prepare and undertake shearing related activities on a farm (level 4) View details »

Snowsport Area Operations

18428 Process sales of snowsport area tickets, products and services (level 3) View details »

Specialist Driving Knowledge and Skills

18138 Fit and remove vehicle chains (level 2) View details »

Textile Dyeing and Finishing

5375 Demonstrate knowledge of textile dyeing and finishing (level 3) View details »

5392 Demonstrate knowledge of textile dyeing and finishing safety (level 2) View details »

Tikanga Concepts

27108 Describe the protocols and roles associated with p?whiri in accordance with tikanga and/or kawa (level 1) View details »

27106 Describe the terms associated with whakapapa and use them within a family structure (level 1) View details »

Tourism M?ori Practices

31070 Explain the importance of M?ori place names, and use reo M?ori greetings and farewells in tourism (level 3) View details »


18212 Demonstrate knowledge of New Zealand as a tourist destination (level 3) View details »

25504 Demonstrate knowledge of retail travel operations (level 3) View details »

25503 Identify and access travel product information and travel-related information (level 3) View details »

Visitor Services

18226 Apply cross-cultural communication for the tourism industry (level 3) View details »

23758 Demonstrate knowledge of communication and customer service theory in a tourism workplace (level 3) View details »

18228 Demonstrate knowledge of specific New Zealand regions as tourist destinations (level 3) View details »

23766 Demonstrate knowledge of the tourism industry (level 3) View details »

24725 Describe and analyse the economic impact of tourism (level 3) View details »

23763 Describe and process retail payments in a tourism workplace (level 3) View details »

24733 Describe and promote a New Zealand tourist destination (level 3) View details »

23755 Identify and self-evaluate the demands of a specific role in a tourism workplace (level 3) View details »

23760 Work in a team on a tourism workplace task or project (level 3) View details »

Wh?nau Ora and Community Support

1810 Provide information about resources and support services in a health or wellbeing setting (level 3) View details »

Workplace Emergency Risk Management

29554 Apply operational knowledge of New Zealand's Coordinated Incident Management System (level 4) View details »

32158 Demonstrate basic knowledge of New Zealand's Coordinated Incident Management System (level 3) View details »

29553 Demonstrate operational knowledge of New Zealand's Coordinated Incident Management System functions and structure (level 4) View details »

Workplace Fire and Emergency Response

3271 Suppress fire with hand extinguishers and fixed hose reels (level 2) View details »